Schnauzer Puppies For Sale GA

Schnauzer Puppies For Sale GA

Schnauzer Puppies For Sale GA, Miniature Schnauzer puppies from akc breeders around your area. Health tested Schnauzers. Visit Us Now

For Georgians searching for a Schnauzer puppy, Sandy Shell should be at the top of your list. With over a decade of ethical, responsible breeding experience, Sandy Shell produces wonderful companion Schnauzers through health-tested bloodlines and plenty of in-home socialization.

What Makes Sandy Shell Stand Out?

Sandy Shell’s reputation as a premier Schnauzer breeder in Georgia is built on their commitment to the betterment of the breed. By selectively pairing health tested, even-tempered parents, they consistently produce happy, healthy puppies generation after generation.

Sandy Shell’s breeding program focuses on breeding out negative traits while promoting intelligence, trainability, and good health. Their puppies come genetically predisposed to be loyal, gentle family companions.

Overview of Sandy Shell’s Breeding Program

  • Located on 5-acres in Atlanta, GA, Sandy Shell’s breeding dogs live in the home as part of the family. This environment provides critical early socialization.
  • Litters are limited to just 2-3 per year so each puppy receives plenty of individualized nurturing and care during the critical developmental stages.
  • Both the sire and dam have extensive OFA health testing to screen for issues like hip dysplasia, eye disorders, thyroid problems, and cardiac disease. This helps reduce the chances of inherited conditions.
  • Puppies come vet checked, up to date on vaccinations and deworming, and with new parent prep info on care, feeding, training, health records, and more.
  • Sandy Shell offers guidance and support to new buyers for the lifetime of their dogs, not just when purchasing a puppy. Their commitment to puppy buyers does not end at sale.

What to Expect from Sandy Shell Puppies

Prospective owners can expect to invest $800-1000 for a Sandy Shell Schnauzer, which reflects the quality behind these purposefully bred litters.

Available puppies range from 8-12 weeks old at adoption, and both male and female puppies are typically available.

With proper early socialization and handling, Sandy Shell puppies are well on their way to becoming friendly, trainable companions. They have been exposed to a range of people, pets, sights and sounds to help build confidence.

Why a Sandy Shell Schnauzer is Worth the Investment

There are many advantages to getting a Schnauzer from an established breeder like Sandy Shell:

  • Healthy bloodlines – Rigorously health-tested parents minimize disease risk
  • Reputable breeder – Decade+ of ethical, responsible breeding practices
  • Happy, socialized puppies – Raised with enrichment in a loving home environment
  • Knowledgeable support – Guidance from a trustworthy, experienced breeder
  • Lifetime commitment – Sandy Shell offers support for the dog’s entire life

For those seeking a well-bred Schnauzer puppy from health-tested lines and reputable sources, Sandy Shell excels at producing wonderful family companions generation after generation.

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