Puppy Price: $850

Shipping Fee: $150

Gender: Male

Color: Liver

Availability: Available

Mini Schnauzer Near Me, We are a small, passion-driven program committed to raising high quality, registered mini Schnauzers

How do I prepare my Schnauzer puppy?

Be sure to hide any loose electrical cords as well! Some basic supplies that your new four-legged friend will need are a harness or collar, a leash, identification tags, food and water dishes, a high-quality puppy food, a crate, a bed, and chew toys. Puppy pads and baby gates are good to have on hand, too.

How long does it take to train an Mini Schnauzer puppy?

As soon as you get the pup home you want to try and offer rewards, treats, and hugs. But optimally you’ll find that around the eight-week mark, they will start to soak up all the learning you can give them. And the best part is they will be eager to please. Remember, the sooner you start training the better.

Do Mini Schnauzers pick a person?

Schnauzers are known for their fierce loyalty with one person, that doesn’t mean every Schnauzer will act like that. Some Schnauzers might not build a particularly strong bond with any one family member. Others might like one of you more than another, but they don’t sit on you to show it.

What age should you start training an Schnauzer?

We begin crate conditioning when your pup is just a few weeks old. No doors are closed they come and go freely. Around six to seven weeks pups will begin eating individually in their crates. We start closing them in for meal then they will learn to “ask” out by manding.

How do I keep my Mini Schnauzer happy?

The fresh air, exercise and just running around sniffing everything is a perfect way to keep an Schnauzer happy. The most important thing is to ensure your dog understands commands such as ‘leave it’ or ‘drop it’ when it comes to fishing. The last thing you want is a nosy dog poking around your fish hooks!