Welcome to Schnauzer Paradise

We are home to responsibly raised, high quality miniature schnauzer puppies. As a highly reputable miniature schnauzer breeder,  we are dedicated to breeding health tested, well rounded AKC registered miniature schnauzers for loving families around the country.  All of our puppies are currently $1000 to $1500 depending on sex and color.

Our deposit is $450 (please add a 4% processing fee if using credit/debit card) and goes towards the total cost

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We focus and prioritize creating healthy bloodlines, therefore our schnauzers are typically much healthier than the breed as a whole.


All of our puppies are microchipped for their safety. Activation is your only job.


We work hard and ask the right questions to ensure that you find the right pet for your family.

Our Pups Comes Home With

  • Toys
  • Small Bag of Food
  • Up to date on shots
  • Complete Veterinary Examination
  • Intestinal Parasite Prevention
  • Tail Docking and Dew Claws removed
  • Mini Puppy Grooming
  • Blanket that’s been with litter
  • AKC Registration
  • Lifetime Guidance and Assistance
  • 3 years Genetic Health Guarantee
  • Potty Training Introduction
  • Personality Assessment
Schnauzer Puppies For Sale Texas

AKC Collaboration

We proudly register all of our Schnauzers with the American Kennel Club and provide each of our adopters with their puppy’s registration papers.


Most frequent questions and answers

Like all things in life, breeding for health is simply a matter of priority.  We are blind to many of the breed priorities that distract other bulldog breeders from improving the health of their Schnauzer.  We focus on health and personality and very little else.  We are not interested in winning a blue ribbon in the show ring.  Rather, we test for things like luxated patellar tendons, eye issues, heart defects, hip dysplasia, ect.  We focus and prioritize creating healthy bloodlines, therefore our schnauzers are typically much healthier than the breed as a whole.  While it’s not rocket science, it is a uniquely different take within miniature schnauzer breeders and all of our AKC mini schnauzers reflect this value set.

Our true desire is to create the perfect family schnauzers.  We believe a healthy schnauzer = a happy family.  We also believe a schnauzer bred for the correct personality is essential to the family unit as well. Our Schnauzer is bred for intelligence and playfulness.  We want our Schnauzers to be full of personality and some fun.   We believe a full personality along with intelligence is the true North star of the Schnauzer breed and is what makes them unique among other breeds. We look for these personality traits in our adult Schnauzers and continue to create bloodlines that reflect these qualities and produce a high quality Mini Schnauzer for sale.

We are located in the Northeast corner of Indiana.  We just happen to be about 2.5 hour drive from the Illinois state line and specifically Chicago.  We are also about a 30 minute drive from the Michigan and Ohio state lines.  Other major cities within 2.5 hour driving distance are Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.   If you are searching for “miniature schnauzer breeders me” and happen to be in one of these areas we are certainly within close proximity.  

A large portion of our adopters are located on the East Coast and Southern states.  While many do make the drive to pickup, we also offer a delivery service to those with extremely busy schedules or limited ability to travel.  We personally, hand delivery our Miniature Schnauzers to our East Coast and Southern adopter’s homes to ensure they arrive safe and stress free.  We also utilize our own flight nanny for our West Coast adopters looking to have their schnauzer puppy hand delivered.  Whether through pickup or through delivery service, we try to be the type of miniature schnauzer breeder that is ethical and responsible to both our Schnauzers and adopters.  If you are looking for a mini schnauzer breeder near me, we have several safe options for delivery.